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Nature’s Best Organic Feeds has been producing organic animal feeds for poultry and livestock for many years, well before most of their competitors were dipping their toes into organic waters! The brand prides itself on premium ingredients and exemplary customer service, providing organic, non-gmo animal feed across North America. From chicken feeds to mini pig pellets to organic goat feed, Nature’s Best is available in bagged and bulk quantities made by Kreamer Feed, a family-owned and operated mill in central Pennsylvania that has been in business for almost 75 years. Nature’s Best knows what is important to their customers and continually strives to provide them with trusted products and healthy, innovative options.

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You can purchase premium Nature’s Best Organic Feeds at your local farm supply store, feed store, and many other retail locations!

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Our Approach to Organic Feed

Kreamer Feed’s premium line of certified organic feeds is a trusted brand throughout the United States for transparent manufacturing, intimate customer service, and contains ingredients they feed their own animals. An animal feed company with over seven decades of experience, the bagged and bulk animal feed supplier buys and rigorously tests organic feed grains at the door to ensure all their organic poultry feed and organic livestock feed is of exceptional quality. Organic animal feed is important to Kreamer Feed because they know it’s important to provide their customers with options. Non-GMO animal feeds and organic products are important to many backyard and bulk farming operations, so they’re important to Nature’s Best. The Non-GMO Project is the leading U.S. certifier for GMO-avoidance, and their rigorous certification requirements and stringent audits ensure Nature’s Best Organic products all exceeds their strict standards. All Nature’s Best Organic Feeds are also certified organic by the USDA through Pennsylvania Certified Organic (PCO), who ensures the integrity of agricultural products. All organic feeds are non-GMO, but products that are just non-GMO are not necessarily organic. Buy Our Feed

Our Organic Feed Products

All of Nature’s Best Organic Feeds are made without medications, animal by-products, synthetic growth-hormones, or anything genetically modified…the way nature intended. The NBO product line is steadily growing to accommodate our loyal customers and new farmers in niche markets.

chick Starter/grower feed

Nature’s Best Organic Chicken Feed

Nature’s Best organic chicken feed is available in bulk, farm quantities or in bags found in retail locations such as Tractor Supply. Nature’s Best Organic Chick Starter/Grower Crumbles are available in 5lb. and 40lb. bags, ideal for young chicks that haven’t started laying eggs yet. Nature’s Best Organic Egg Layer Pellets and Crumbles are fantastic options for optimal egg-laying, rich yolks, and strong shells. These premium products are both available in 10lb. and 40lb. options. Nature’s Best Organic Poultry Scratch Grains are ideal treats for busy birds in addition to their complete diet! Scratch is also available in 10lb. and 40lb. bags.
egg layer pellets

Nature’s Best Organic Egg Layer Pellets

Pellets specially formulated for egg-laying chickens immediately after their first eggs are laid. This formula is carefully balanced to provide high energy with a good balance of protein, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals!
Organic Mini Pig Adult Feed

Nature’s Best Organic Mini Pig Adult Pellets

Nature's Best Organic Mini Pig Adult pellets result in easy feeding and less product needed to cause maintain weight. The pellets, which are free of bone meal and ruminant products, travel easily through feeders and produce minimal dust.
Organic Duck Crumbles bag

Nature’s Best Organic Duck Crumbles

Nature’s Best Organic Duck Crumbles are specially formulated to provide high energy with a good balance of protein, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals! These crumbles provide impeccable nutrients for duckling and growing, young ducks. Organic duck crumbles aim to strengthen ducks without the use of pesticides or genetically modified ingredients. They give young and growing ducks a healthy foundation through proteins and natural ingredients.

Nature’s Best Organic Feeds also offers sheep, turkey, and cattle feed, available in bulk quantities straight to farm! The minimum order for these products is two tons (50 bags) up to 28 tons on a single delivery.

Why Organic, Non-GMO Feed is So Important To Us

Nature’s Best Organic Feeds recognizes the benefits of premium, natural ingredients. What you feed your family begins with what you feed your farm! With that mentality, NBO is passionate about exceeding quality standards in the organic and non-GMO sectors. Kreamer Feed, Inc., one of the nation’s leading providers of premium animal feeds, is proud that its Nature’s Best Organic Feeds line is Non-GMO Project Verified.

The Non-GMO Project is North America’s only independent verification for products made according to best practices for GMO avoidance. Non-GMO Project Verified is a meaningful and achievable way for suppliers, brands, and retailers to show their commitment to providing consumers with transparent choices in the marketplace. Many brands place the words “Non-GMO” on their packaging, but only brands with the butterfly emblem displayed have taken the steps to become officially certified by the project through its rigorous certification process and audits. Nature’s Best believes in making products that are free of antibiotics, medications, added growth hormones, and animal by-products. You are what you eat, and it’s important to feed your animals products made with ingredients you’d consume yourself… the way nature intended.

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If you are passionate about your animals from their health to their habits to their overall happiness, Nature’s Best Organic Feeds are worth checking out. Whether you have chickens, ducks, pigs, or a combination of backyard buddies (or in-home pals; we’re not judging!), there’s an organic, non-GMO product that is right for you. You can put your trust into a company that prides itself on superior quality and service, one that has been family-owned and operated for almost 75 years. Contact us today to learn more about our organic animal feed or visit our individual product pages here on organicfeeds.com.


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