Organic poultry scratch grains bag

Organic Poultry Scratch Grains


If you raise backyard chickens or have a large flock on your farm, you won't want to be without organic, non-GMO poultry scratch grains. Made with exceptional quality and integrity in mind, feeding Nature’s Best Organic Poultry Scratch Grains will enhance your current feed regime.

Our Organic Poultry Scratch Grains


Non-GMO Project Verified
Not a complete feed

A nutritious treat for your layers and broilers that helps enhance healthy eating habits! Feed to adult poultry in addition to a complete poultry feed diet.

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Organic Corn
Organic Wheat
Organic Barley
Organic Canola Oil

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What Are Scratch Grains?

Organic chicken scratch grains contain a nutritious combination of grains like corn, wheat, and barley. It’s no surprise that most chickens love indulging in this crunchy, flavorful mix.

Even though the scratch contains healthy ingredients, the blend isn’t balanced or fortified. For this reason, chickens scratch feed a more satisfying snack that should be fed in moderation to your flock.

Scratch grains can complement your regular layer feed, which contains the essential nutrients they need on a daily basis. As long as it makes up less than 10% of their diet, scratch grains for chickens offer a craveable treat or delicious after-meal surprise.

Benefits of Organic Poultry Scratch Grains

Feed Nature’s Best Organic Poultry Scratch Grains offer several benefits:

  • Tasty Treat: Whether you raise them for eggs or as a backyard pet, it’s always fun to spoil your flock with a tasty treat. Chickens love the rich blend and are sure to come running when you toss some their way.
  • Fun Activity: During the day, chickens can scratch around for bugs to get extra nutrients and stay busy. When there aren’t as many bugs out, having scratch grains available can give them something fun to do when they are in their coop.
  • Source of Energy and Warmth: Scratch grains help to get your chickens active and moving around. This is especially beneficial during the cooler months. Moving around and digesting the grains can help your flock create the energy they need to stay warm and toasty.
  • Satisfying Reward: If you’re looking for a way to build trust with or flock or encourage them to come into their coop at night, scratch grains can be used as a yummy incentive.

Feeding Directions

Feed Nature’s Best Organic Poultry Scratch Grains to adult poultry to supplement a complete poultry diet. Nature’s Best Organic Poultry Scratch Grains should be fed in addition to a complete feed and should not exceed ten percent (10%) of the bird’s total diet. Provide fresh, clean water at all times.

Why Choose Nature’s Best Organic Feeds?

Since 1947, Nature’s Best Organic Feeds has been producing premium products that support the dietary requirements and needs of chickens. Nutrition experts carefully formulate our options, ensuring they’ll support the needs of chickens at all stages of life.

Our organic poultry feed and scratch grains are all manufactured in our family-owned and operated mill located in central Pennsylvania. Our products are made without antibiotics, growth hormones, drugs, chemicals, pesticides, and animal by-products to ensure the highest quality and taste.

Along with offering products that are non-medicated and Non-GMO Project-Verified, we meet and regularly test our feed to stay USDA Organic certified.

Non-GMO Project Verified for Flavor You Can Trust

Kreamer Feed, Inc., one of the nation’s leading providers of premium animal feeds, is proud that its Nature’s Best Organic Feeds line is Non-GMO Project Verified. The Non-GMO Project is North America’s only independent verification for products made according to best practices for GMO avoidance.

Non-GMO Project Verified is a meaningful and achievable way for suppliers, brands, and retailers to show their commitment to providing consumers with transparent choices in the marketplace. Many brands place the words "Non-GMO" on their packaging, but only brands with the butterfly emblem displayed have taken the steps to become officially certified by the project.

Find Organic Poultry Scratch Grains

Whether you want to feed scratch grains as a daily treat or are looking for a way to keep your flock occupied in the evening, Feed Nature’s Best Organic Poultry Scratch Grains has you covered. You can trust that you’ll be supporting your flock’s needs with a nutritious and delicious feed enhancer.

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