#3 NBO - 2,000 lb. TOTE

Livestock Tote Feed

Looking to buy bulk feed for your livestock and poultry? Kreamer tote feed options are available for pick up at Tractor Supply locations, our mill in Kreamer, Pennsylvania, or delivery to your farm. One-ton totes are ideal for backyard farmers. Learn what types of feed we supply and how you can order bags for your animals below.

Types of Feed Grain for Sale

We sell a wide variety of conventional Kreamer Feed and Nature's Best Organic poultry and livestock feed online and at Tractor Supply locations. From chickens to bulk cattle feed, we supply backyard farmers with options for tote feed that make sense, given your farm's size and demand.

Here are the types of feed grain we sell in 2,000-pound totes:

Chick Starter Crumbles

Our starter crumbles are specially formulated for chicks to eat until they lay their first eggs. This feed is packed with the most protein to help chicks grow into healthy chickens. Other vitamins, minerals and amino acids make up the formula, providing the chicks with high energy. Starter feed helps set a strong foundation for chicks to become strong layers.

These starter crumbles are for chicks only, nutritionally formulated for optimal growth. The formula includes 21% protein.

Egg Layer Crumbles or Pellets


Throughout egg production, laying chickens should eat layer crumbles or pellets, which are formulated to help them lay high-quality, consistent eggs. This bulk organic chicken feed features 16% protein and 4% calcium to strengthen the egg shells and allow for optimal laying. This feed also contains marigold and alfalfa to make the egg yolks rich and yellow. This formula is for chickens only.

Broiler Pellets

Since meat chickens aren't raised to lay eggs, they eat broiler pellets. This feed is specially formulated for adult meat chickens over 21 days old. Our broiler feed contains 20% protein to encourage optimal growth for market sale. We recommend feeding broiler pellets to your meat chickens as a sole ration until they go to market. All our broiler pellets are USDA Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified.


Goat Pellets

Our goat pellets are formulated for growing and adult goats, containing 16% protein to help you raise healthy goats. This feed contains no pesticides or genetically modified ingredients, so you can feel good about what you're feeding your goats. Goat pellet tote bags are ideal for small meat and dairy goat herds and fiber production. This formula is specially formulated for growing and adult goats only.

Hog and Sow Pellets

Our hog and sow pellets contain 16% protein and various amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and other ingredients for optimized nutritional health. We also ensure this feed is free of bone meal and other products they shouldn't ingest, so you know exactly what you're feeding your animals. This general-purpose feed is suitable for swine only.


Stock Feed

Stock feed for cattle and heifers is nutritionally formulated with a blend of necessary vitamins, minerals and 15% protein to give your herd the nutritional value necessary to thrive. This loose, textured feed is USDA Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified. This general-purpose formula is best suited for beef cattle and heifers on pasture.

Where to Buy Livestock and Chicken Bulk Feed by the Ton Near You

Not a commercial farmer, but raising more than a handful of backyard animals? Nature's Best Organic Tote Feed is the perfect option for the backyard farmer who doesn't meet bulk-feed needs.

We are a family-owned and operated feed mill that has been serving farmers like you since 1947. We create some of the industry's finest feeds with premium ingredients, nutritional transparency, and exceptional customer service. Explore Tractor Supply livestock feed tote options or find a store near you. Remember, if retailers don't have our tote feed on the shelves, they can order it for you!

NBO - 2,000 lb. TOTE