Our Customer Testimonials



“So glad I stumbled across this while looking for hardware cloth! We were getting a 20 lb bag of a different organic brand (vs this 40lb bag) for a $5.00 difference. That’s practically buy one get one free in my book. The ladies seem to love it, no complaints as of yet. They’re all growing big and fluffy so it looks like it’s doing its job. I’ll be back to purchase more when we are getting low!”

– Jenni, Charlotte, NC


“My baby chicks love it! And if I leave some around while I’m busy in yard getting all the chickens fed, my older girls run to eat it as well! Lol seems everyone loves it. I store it in a 5-gallon canister with a bit of Diatomaceous earth .. and chicks are healthy! Never any shots! Thank you for such a good brand!”

– Vonda, New Bedford, MA


“I have used Nature’s Best for every new batch of chicks we have raised. They are healthy, have beautiful feathers, and love to eat it. It is a good feeling knowing that we have provided an organic food for the chickens especially since we eat the eggs. Easy to feed on a busy schedule. Thanks Nature’s Best!”

– Pam, Newfield, NY


“I have waited 4 months to review this product to see how my chicks responded vs. chicks from the same shipment being fed a different feed. I am happy to report that I began feeding my 9 chicks (4 Sapphire Gems, 2 Rhode Island Reds, 2 White Leghorns and 1 Black Se* Link) this certified organic feed from day one, they all survived, they are happy, healthy and 2 are producing absolutely delicious eggs at 17 weeks!! 6 other chicks from the same shipment went to two other homes where they were fed conventional feed. Unfortunately 2 of them did not make it and none of them are producing as of yet. I will be a lifelong Natures Best customer from here on.”

– Customer in Wildomar, CA


“I cannot express how much my chickens love this feed! My girls throw a fit if i give them anything else. The manufacturer also stands by their product 100%.”

– Justin, Syracuse, NY


“Having started making organic feed in 1998, long before it became so popular, I believe Nature’s Best, a family-owned company, really cares about & believes in good quality organic feed. A lot of companies are getting into organics now cause that’s where the money is heading, but Nature’s Best maintains a good price for 40# of high-quality ingredients.”

– Debra J


“Love this brand and trust this supplier. My chickens (I have 3 silkies and 1 bantam cochin) have been eating this brand since they were little chicklets, and they have always been healthy. And because I live in an urban area where there isn’t a nearby tractor supply, I love that I can order online and get it delivered straight to my house.”

– Marie


“I have bantam Silkies and they have done fabulous on your organic egg layer formula. Last June I had a clutch of two chicks that were very unexpected (since I had just acuired my first rooster). I sent my husband to Tractor Supply Co. to purchase your organic chick starter and since another feed store was closer, he bought me another brand. They wouldn’t eat it, and I jumped in the care, went to TSC and purchased Nature’s Best Organic Feeds chick starter. My clutch did wonderful and are a beautiful pullet and cockerel today.”

– Judy, Ohio


“I tried this feed and noticed immediate improvement… my chickens seem to like the actual feed itself. They have made suer to let me know in the past if they didn’t like the food, so I know they would let me know if it was unacceptable to them. I have also noticed a remarkable improvement in egg quality and production. We’ll be using this feed from now on.”

– NBO Customer – Smithfield, NC


“Our poultry loves this feed, we’ve bought a few other brands and they can definitely tell the difference. They go crazy over this feed and other brands they ust pick at and waste. I’ve seen a difference in their feathering and combs as well, they are much redder and their eyes look really bright and healthy. The feed lasts longer as well, I don’t feed near as much when I was feeding inorganic feed and they look much healthier and are very active”

– NBO Customer – Texas


“My babies were on this feed this year and their feathers came in beautifully, and their first eggs arrived weeks before i expected them. They are happy, healthy, and got off to the best start possible with this feed.”

– NBO Customer – Lubbock, Texas