Organic, Non-medicated, and Non-GMO Project Verified.

Nature’s Best Organic Feeds has the bagged and bulk quantity feed you need to help your mini pigs lead a healthy lifestyle on your farm. No matter if you have Julianas, Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs, KuneKunes, or a cross-breed, we make sure your mini pigs have access to flavorful, fortified feed made the way nature intended.

Feeding Mini Pigs

Mini pigs will require different nutrition levels depending on their stage of life. With the right organic feed for their needs, you’ll help your mini pigs maintain a healthy weight and size.

You won’t need to measure and calculate different nutritional levels — like protein — by yourself. Nature’s Best has a line of complete feed that makes it easier than ever to support your pig’s dietary needs.

Organic Swine Feed

Our Organic 16% Mini Pig Adult Pellets are specially formulated for adult mini pigs who are at least four months or older. This complete non-gmo pig feed contains natural and nutritional ingredients, with 16% protein. We know how much you value your backyard pet’s health, which is why each bag is free of bone meal and ruminant products.

Feeding is quick and simple. With a complete organic feed, all you have to do is give your mini pig 1% to 2% of their body weight. You’ll know that you’re providing them with balanced nutrition that travels easily through their feeders. You’ll also be feeding them less while helping them maintain optimal wellness and weight.

Formulated With Ingredients You Can Trust

At Nature’s Best Organic Feeds, we strive to go above and beyond to deliver feed you can trust. Each line of our feed is carefully formulated by nutrition experts to help keep your mini pigs happy and healthy.

Our feed is organic, meaning you won’t have to worry about any pesticides, chemicals, drugs, synthetic growth hormones, or antibiotics. Our feed’s organic quality also means each non-medicated bag of pig feed is free of animal by-products and genetically modified ingredients.

Along with our products being Non-GMO Project-Verified, we regularly test our feed to ensure we are meeting — and surpassing — U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Organic requirements.

Why Choose Nature’s Best?

Since we began formulating feed 75 years ago, we’ve remained committed over the years to producing healthy, innovative options that you can feel good about feeding to your backyard animals. Nature’s Best is also family-owned and operated.

We feel so confident in our line of organic, non-medicated, Non-GMO Project-Verified products that we even give this feed to our own animals. Experience the benefits of our premium feed and a dedicated customer service team who will help you find the right option for your animals.

Find a Store Near You

For every stage of life, Nature’s Best Organic Feeds has the right mini pig feed you need. Whether you require bagged or bulk quantities, you can count on us to deliver exceptional quality and service.

You can find our mini organic pig feed at Tractor Supply Co. Check out our store locator tool to find the closest store in your area.