How do I know when my feed was made?

Our nutrition team recommends Nature’s Best Organic Feeds be used within the first six months of production if it’s a warmer time of year,
and up to a year if they’re in a cool, dry place.

The “Lot Numbers” found printed on our bags will tell you the exact day your feed was made!


How to Read Lot Numbers

On a small (5lb or 10lb) bag, the lot number is printed on the back of the bag near the top.
On a larger bag, it’s printed on the paper tag, which is sewn to the bag.

The day of the year it was manufactured is shown in the three digits previous to the 20 or 21, which represents the year it was made.
You can use a Julian Day Calendar (see below; these can easily be found by typing “Julian Day Calendar” into Google!) to determine the day of the year it was made.

Let’s use Lot # 25263222-20 as an example.

We know the feed was made on the 222th day of 2020. Using the Julian-Day calendar below, the 222nd day takes us to the 9th of August 2020.