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At Kreamer Feed. Inc, we produce certified USDA Organic and Pennsylvania Certified Organic feeds for your broiler and layer chickens, turkey, calves and dairy cows, sheep, goat, and swine livestock.

Healthy farming begins with healthy feed. That’s why Nature’s Best Organic Feeds maintain high quality control standards to ensure consistency in every ounce of feed that we produce. We thoroughly inspect and test incoming grain and reject any that does not meet our high standards. We do routine testing to ensure our mixing process provides a uniform product, and a final inspection as your feed is being bagged. These steps ensure you receive only the best product. For almost 70 years, we have been offering feed that’s second to none. When organic feeds are a way of life on your farm, trust Nature’s Best!group-of-bags

In an effort to deliver the freshest feed, some of our bagged products are not produced every day here at Kreamer Feed. As a result, orders for this feed may require a higher minimum quantity and an extended lead time. Please see products marked with an asterisk for details!