How to Make Broiler Chickens Grow Faster

Improving feed efficiency is usually associated with helping broiler chickens grow faster. While it’s essential to boost nutrient delivery to your chickens and balance the ratio between energy and amino acid intake, several ways can also enhance your bird’s feed efficiency rate even after the feed is delivered.

As a farmer, improved feed efficiency and increased profitability is crucial. At Nature’s Best Organic Feeds®, we understand how important this is for both your birds and your business, so we’ve compiled five routine management measures that will help you make your broiler chickens gain weight — and fast. Keep reading to learn how to make chickens gain weight fast with natural tactics. 

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How to Increase the Weight of a Broiler Chicken 

Consumers want to buy big, healthy birds so it’s up to poultry farmers to continuously find ways to increase the weight of broiler chickens as safely and naturally as possible to keep up with rising market demands. The following promoters can enhance their growth rate by actively supporting the birds’ physiological functions. These humane approaches to promoting growth benefit poultry farmers and align with the rising demand for more sustainable and naturally driven farming practices in the industry.

Interact with the birds regularly to observe their behavior and address concerns quickly. This hands-on approach creates a haven for thriving broilers, setting the stage for a conducive environment for healthy, swift growth.

Raise Healthy Birds

Encouraging wellness is key to turbocharging the growth of broiler chickens. A potent health regimen can lead to swift development. Provide a comfortable living environment, balanced nutrition, and preventative health care checks — clean water and well-formulated feed bolster their vitality.

Caring for a chicken coop is crucial to nurture broiler chickens. Regular cleaning, proper ventilation, and providing adequate space are paramount. Daily checks for food, water, and potential issues like pests or diseases ensure the birds’ well-being. Maintaining hygiene curbs the risk of infections, while a balanced diet and steady access to water promote growth. Ample sunlight and protection from harsh weather are also essential.

Use No-Waste Feeders

It may be tempting to get cost-effective feeders. However, investing in feeders that don’t waste or spill chicken grower feed is a better investment over time.  These innovative devices minimize food wastage, ensuring every bite counts. Broilers receive consistent nutrition, promoting healthier and speedier development. The result? Robust birds, rapid growth, and efficient utilization of feed resources. It is a win-win for productivity and sustainability.

On the subject of how to feed broilers for fast growth, increasing feeder space can boost growth in the broiler growth in the starter and grower phases. This pragmatic approach can stop competition during feeding, lessens stress, and prioritizes the birds’ needs, ensuring each bird has access to ample nourishment.

Keep Broilers In Groups

When you sort your broilers based on similar body size or weight, you eliminate the issue of inequality. This way, the smaller broiler chickens can eat without being cheated by bigger birds who may try to bully them off the feeder.

This humane approach prioritizes the well-being of the broilers, creating an orchestrated balance. By fostering a sense of community, chickens experience reduced stress levels, promoting healthy growth. Grouping also optimizes feeding and monitoring processes, ensuring each bird thrives.

Ensure Broilers Eat Well

A well-balanced diet is one element of what makes chickens grow faster. Supplying your broiler chickens with the nutrients they need for fast, healthy growth is essential. The best food for chickens to grow fast is nutrient-rich feeds that contain essential proteins, vitamins, and minerals to help chickens accelerate their growth trajectory. A homemade broiler booster can contain garlic. cloves, turmeric, black pepper, bitter kola, ginger, cayenne, and thyme.

Consider adopting a continuous nourishment approach, or ‘feed-ad-libitum,’ to maximize your birds’ growth rate and decrease the chance of chickens losing weight. Add a steady supply of balanced feed to the no-waste feeders to accelerate development. It is essential to approach this method carefully, ensuring you balance the bird’s welfare with growth goals.

Deciding on the best feed for your broiler chickens can depend on their age and preferences. At Nature’s Best Organic Feeds®, our experts will happily help you choose the ideal chicken feed for your birds.

Avoid Hot Spots

When warmer and more humid months roll around, mold growth can appear quickly in the broilers’ silos. Hot spots and patches of old feed sticking around inside of the silos can produce mycotoxins, consuming valuable nutrients. To avoid this, clean and inspect silos regularly. Placing drinkers close to the feeders can also reduce the chances of feed spoilage and enhance feed efficiency.

Regularly inspect silos to ensure even heat distribution, and manage temperature fluctuations. A cool, uniform environment fosters optimal feed quality, which helps the birds stay healthy and grow faster. Happy chickens, free from hot spot woes, are on the express track to becoming plump, hearty broilers.

Use Natural Growth Promoters

Natural growth promoters play a pivotal role in speeding up broiler chicken growth. Use the lights on and off method to ensure your birds digest food optimally. One example to follow is one hour of light and then one hour of darkness. This method makes sure the broiler chickens digest their food completely while resting, giving them ample time to eat the right amount when there is light. If you use this tactic, ensure feeding spots for all broilers to eat at once.

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