Most Popular Goat Breeds

Whether you have a small backyard hobby farm or a large farm that’s your livelihood, goats are one of the most popular animals to raise. Along with being a friendly and docile animal that will quickly become a part of your family, goats can help you produce anything from nutritious milk to luxurious fibers.

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What You Should Know About Goat Breeds

How you can use your goats will vary based on the type you choose to raise. There are three main types of goat production breeds. Depending on what you want to do with them, one type will likely be better suited to your goals than the others.


Meat Goats

Some goats are raised specifically for their meat. While any goat breed can be slaughtered for meat consumption, some provide better-quality meats than others, such as:

  • Boer
  • Pygmy
  • Myotonic — or fainting
  • Spanish

Dairy Goats

If you want to focus more on dairy production, you can choose a breed known for producing higher-quality and larger quantities of milk. The most popular dairy goat breeds are:

  • Alpine
  • Sable
  • Toggenburg
  • Nubian
  • Saanen
  • Lamancha
  • Nigerian Dwarf
  • Oberhasli

Fiber Goats

Fiber goats are raised primarily for the fibers they produce. You can use these luxury fibers like cashmere and mohair to create anything from sweaters to scarves to rugs. Specific breeds of fiber goats include Angora goats and “cashmere” breeds, like Licheng Daqing, Tibetan Plateau, and Zhongwei Cashmere goats.


What Are Some of the Most Popular Goat Breeds?

Here are five of the most common goats to raise in the United States:

  1. Angora goat: The Angora is a relatively large breed. With their excellent temperament and Mohair coat, they are enjoyable and productive to raise.
  2. Nubian goat: This breed is known for its striking appearance, complete with Roman noses and long, floppy ears. The Nubian goat is also famous for producing some of the highest-quality, richest milk.
  3. Pygmy goat: Because of their small size, Pygmy goats are perfect for backyard farms. These goats are excellent family pets and can provide milk and meat.
  4. Nigerian Dwarf goat: While Nigerian Dwarf goats are dairy animals, this breed is known for being energetic and affectionate, which makes them popular family pets.
  5. Fainting goat: Named after their “fainting” behavior whenever they are startled, this good-natured breed is often raised for both milk and meat.


How to Keep Your Goats Healthy

Whether you’re raising one of the most popular meat, dairy, or fiber goat breeds, the type of housing you choose will impact their overall health and safety, as well as their production. Certain areas may have rules and regulations about the style and size of shelter they need, but your animals require protection from wind, snow, rain, or high temperatures. Goats are curious, so having suitable fencing will prevent them from escaping.

The correct diet is another key component of keeping your goats healthy year-round. All meat, dairy, and fiber goats will require the right amount of water, protein, energy, minerals, and vitamins. Depending on whether you’re raising goats that are gestating, lactating, or growing kids, they may require different amounts of these nutrients. Making sure they have enough forage and a balanced feed will keep them happy and healthy.


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