10 Ways to Spoil Your Chickens

If you want to know how to spoil your chickens, there are plenty of ways to do so. No matter what type of flock you have, learning how to entertain your chickens is as easy as introducing a new activity or treat! Here are 10 clever methods:

1. Add a Mirror in Their Run

A fun and unusual way to entertain your chickens is by incorporating a mirror into their chicken run. Chickens love to admire themselves, and a mirror is a perfect way for them to take pride in their appearance.

2. Make a Chicken Swing

Introducing any new activity is a surefire chicken boredom buster. Chicken swings are easy to make — you can make your own with two pieces of twine and a long stick, or you can buy one. Either way, a swing will keep them entertained and create a happier atmosphere in their coop.


3. Set up Extra Perches

Although perches may not seem entertaining to us, your chickens love them. Adding plenty of perches allows your chickens to get a different view of their surroundings, which is fun for them and another easy way to spoil them.

4. Give Them Straw

Simply incorporating more straw or bales of hay into your chickens’ run will keep them busy for hours, as they will check the material for insects and seeds. When you add the hay, make sure you disassemble it from its piles so they can inspect it with ease.

5. Create Veggie Pinatas

Making a pinata for your chickens is easier than you may think. Instead of stuffing cardboard with treats, all you have to do is tie string onto cauliflower or broccoli and hang it for them to find. They’ll have fun pecking at it and appreciate the treat.

6. Invent a New Recipe

No one knows your chickens better than you, so you can easily create a mixture of their favorite foods. From grains and fruits to vegetables, it’s easy to create a mix that will make your chickens excited and give them the nutrients they need.

7. Change Things Around

Keeping your chickens entertained is a simple but effective way to spoil them. You could rearrange their run or add something simple or homemade to their coop. It could be anything — dried mealworms or just a pile of rocks.

8. Clean Their Coop

Even though chickens poop everywhere — from their coop to their run — it can be beneficial to clean up their area to keep them happy and interactive. A cleaner coop puts them in a better mood, meaning they can easily entertain each other and keep themselves happy.

9. Ensure They Have Space

One of the most fun things for chickens to do is run and roam freely. If you think their run is too small, all you have to do is expand their fencing, and they can forage and find small bugs or healthy greens.

10. Treat Them to Nature’s Best Organic Feeds

Introducing your chickens to new foods is a great way to spoil them and break any regular food cycle. Our wide range of organic chicken feeds will give them the nutrients they need and keep them entertained by providing something to look forward to. Browse our range of chicken products or contact us today to learn more!

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