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Average Mini Pig Weights and Sizes by Age

Miniature pigs come in at least fifteen different breeds. The most popular are Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs, also known as Chinese or Asian pot-bellied pigs, but other breeds include KuneKunes, Julianas, Göttingen minipigs and others. Cross-breeds are also common.

Domesticated mini pigs are pets and are different from the pigs bred on farms. They are social, they can live up to 20 years and, since they are considered hypoallergenic, they are a very popular option for people who can’t own other pets. Since first becoming a popular pet during the early 1990s, mini pigs have continued to be an option for pet owners.

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How Much Should My Mini Pig Weigh?

Since miniature pigs are pets, some owners want a specific size to suit their lifestyle. Condo and apartment dwellers may want a smaller pig, for example. Unfortunately, with cross-breed mini pigs, especially, it can be difficult to determine the ideal weight and size.

Mini pigs can vary by weight and size depending on their genetics. For a sense of a healthy weight for your pig, your veterinarian can consult a mini pig weight chart. If you’re concerned about development, your vet should also have a mini pig growth chart.

A good rule of thumb is to look at your mini pig’s parents, if you have this information available. Your mini pig’s weight should be similar in size. In general, Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs, the most popular breed, weigh between 70 and 150 pounds. However, some can approach 200 pounds. Asian pot-bellied pigs can grow to be 14-20 inches at the shoulder. They can be born at about seven pounds and gain 30 pounds a year for the first few years.

The smaller American pot-bellied pig can be 15-20 inches at the shoulder at age five and weigh an average of 50-150 pounds. Some are marketed as “teacup” or “micro” mini pigs, but these names are marketing language and are not regulated. There are smaller types of American pot-bellied pigs bred to be on the smaller side of the scale.

Weight and Size of Your Mini Pig by Age

Your miniature pig’s age can also help you determine how large your pet will get. By the time they are about one year old, mini pigs are often about half of what they will weigh and about half the size they will be. Your pet will continue to grow until about five years of age. Your vet will generally have a mini pig growth chart divided by age that you can consult together.

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