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Chicken Layer Crumbles vs. Pellets: What’s the Difference?

Do you know the difference between two popular types of chicken feed — layer pellets and layer crumbs? Is it better to feed chickens pellets or crumbles?

If either of these questions are bouncing around your brain, we’ve got answers for you. These two types of feed are essentially comprised of the same ingredients and serve the same purpose — keeping those hens healthy and happy. Whether you’re new to owning chickens or simply on the search for a chicken diet mix-up, let’s walk through the distinctions and similarities between these chicken feed types.

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The Difference Between Layer Crumbles and Pellets

As stated, crumbles and pellets are essentially the same thing presented in different forms. Whether in crumble or pellet form, chicken feed is typically a mixture of grains, protein, vitamins and minerals. Both types provide the same level of nutrients to your brood — dependent, of course, on the quality of your feed and whether you’ve opted for organic. The key differences you’ll discover are:

  • Texture: Crumble is a coarse, loose texture that is typically easy to eat thanks to its soft consistency. Pellets are compact cylinders that hold their shape nicely, making them easy to store and serve.
  • Manufacturing: As we’ll explore below, crumble and pellets are processed using different machines — a crumbler or a pelletizing machine.
  • Convenience: While both pellets and crumble are popular options, they’re convenient in different ways. Pellets are the most widely-used and easy to find chicken feed option, making them more convenient for farmers. They also ensure consistent nutrition in every bite, since all of the pellets are the same size! Lastly, they offer low mess and minimal waste. Crumble, on the other hand, seems to be the easiest to eat, making it a convenient option for a quick feed and for birds that are particularly young or senior in age.

How Are These Chicken Feed Types Manufactured?

While they originate from the same set of ingredients, pellets and crumble find their form in distinct ways.

Pellets are made from mashed feed ingredients, which are then heated and compressed until forming hard, compact pellets. This is accomplished using a pelletizing machine.

Crumble is manufactured from whole pellets. These are cracked or rolled using a crumbler until they have a softer consistency in a smaller size. They provide more substance than mash, but they’re easier to consume than a pellet.

So, Which Is Better — Chicken Feed Pellets or Crumbles?

Ultimately, the option is up to you! Pellets and crumble are both popular chicken feed options that accomplish your end goal — keeping your chickens happy and fed. If you notice that your chickens are not huge fans of the feed you’re giving them and are not consuming it all, you may want to consider trying an alternate style. Just like we all have our own personal food preferences, chickens have their individual tastes, too!

Of course, nothing matters more than quality. Your chickens will eat well and thrive if you’re feeding them nutritious, organic chicken feed, regardless of whether you opt for crumble or pellets.

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