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How to Raise Mini Pigs in the Winter

Mini pigs are pets, and like dogs and cats, they need special care during the colder months. If you have a miniature pig, you’ll want to keep them cozy and safe as temperatures drop.

Do Mini Pigs Get Cold?

Mini pigs do have a layer of fat that affords some protection from the elements, but they can get cold if they stay outside during the winter and even fall. If you live in a four-season climate, you’ll need to take steps to protect your mini pig from cold and damp.

Some mini pigs hate the cold while others like to explore the snow. This tendency depends on personality, but even if your pet loves winter, you’ll want to make sure they stay warm and safe.

Can Mini Pigs Live Outside in the Winter?

Some mini pigs are indoors all the time, while others move outdoors during any warm weather. If you live in a mild climate, your mini pigs can spend much of their time outside.

Whether your pigs live in the house or not, they will need both an outdoor and indoor space. If your pigs stay outdoors most of the time, you will need to provide a warm shelter from wind and cold. If you keep your pets indoors, you will still need to make sure they have a safe area to run outside for short periods of time.

How to Keep Pigs Warm in Cold Weather

The basics of pot belly pig care in winter include a shed — this can be a doghouse or other structure that stays dry and has no drafts. Something windproof is ideal. The structure should be well insulated, possibly with straw or hay to provide bedding as well as additional insulation. Miniature pigs may also chew on the straw, so it’s important it be replenished and changed often to keep it dry and clean.

Some sheds for mini pigs include heaters, but unless you live in a very cold climate, this may not be necessary if the shed is well insulated. Even so, it may still be wise to bring your mini pig indoors on the coldest nights.

How to Raise Healthy Pigs in the Winter

If you’re wondering how to raise pigs in the winter, a warm shelter is a good start. Beyond that, you will want to ensure your pigs have plenty of food and water. A healthy diet and an adequate fat layer are important in winter months, and monitoring water is crucial because air can be drier in winter, meaning your mini pigs may drink more. Keeping water from freezing can also be a challenge, so you may want to change it more often or buy a bowl warmer.

During the winter, it’s especially important to keep your mini pigs supervised. Colder, drier air can irritate a pig’s delicate skin, which can lead to dry patches and scratching as well as sores. Check regularly to make sure your mini pig has no skin issues, temperature or signs of pneumonia or other illnesses.

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