white backyard broiler chicken

What Are Broiler Chickens?

Broiler chickens are raised primarily for meat rather than to lay eggs. These poultry are often white and are bred to be large and very healthy, often with more breast meat for the consumer market. Broiler chicken breeds grow very fast and offer good value in terms of protein and calories.

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How Is a Broiler Chicken Farm Set Up?

Broiler chickens arrive from the same hatchery and in the same shipment for optimal consumer safety. They are raised in large, open structures that are designed to house up to 25,000 broilers. Inside these areas, they can interact with other chickens, walk around, and eat. Some broilers are free-range, meaning they have at least some access to the outdoors.

The Broiler Chicken Life Cycle

After broilers arrive at the farm, the main goal is to help them grow with nutritious food and the right conditions. A typical broiler chicken lifespan is about seven weeks. After seven weeks, they are ready to be shipped for processing. The exact period of time depends on when the chickens are the right weight and size.

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Caring for Broiler Chickens

The main goal is to grow broiler chickens quickly and in a healthy way. Providing a clean, open space with enough room for roaming is important. Nutrition is also a key factor in making sure the chickens grow to the right size.

For broiler chickens, it’s important that their food contains lysine and methionine, amino acids that help the poultry convert nutrients into meat. In addition, protein helps the chickens grow quickly. Broilers also need vitamins, including vitamins A, B2, B12, D3 and K, as well as a low-fiber feed.

Broilers drink more water and eat more frequently than layer chickens. You’ll want to offer fresh, clean water at all times, especially in the summer. Feed should be provided four times a day in most cases.

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