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What to Feed Baby Ducks

Ducklings are born with a good sense of hunger. They grow fast, are capable of looking for food, and are excited about eating – as you will notice when you hear many happy quacks at feeding time! Choosing the right feed ensures they grow as healthy and as strong as possible.

What Do Ducklings Eat?

The answer is: pretty much everything! Ducklings are often hungry, and as they waddle around quacking, they will sample just about anything. You will want to carefully monitor their diets since baby ducks will test out everything from fingers to shavings to other non-food items. It’s up to you to ensure they get the nutrients they need.

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What Do Baby Ducks Need?

Just because ducklings will eat almost anything doesn’t mean everything is good for them! Until they are six weeks of age, they need foods with protein and niacin. After that, they require less protein, but still need nutrient-rich food for vitamins and minerals.

How to Feed Baby Ducks

Starter feed without medication helps your ducks meet their nutritional needs in one convenient food. If you’re wondering what to feed a baby duck without starter feed, consider some fruits and vegetables, including greens, carrots, pumpkin, bananas, grapes, broccoli, celery, apples, and pears. Make sure to dice finely to prevent choking and don’t feed too many fruits, which are high in sugars.

You can supplement the diet with brewer’s yeast, a good source of niacin, and dried meal worms for protein. You should avoid bread and junk food, which contain fewer nutrients. Lower-nutrition foods are unhealthy for your duck and can even be harmful.

Ducklings are self-feeding, so you can use a dispenser and allow the birds to graze. Just make sure to remove old food each day, since old and moldy food can cause a deadly lung infection called Aspergillosis.

When feeding your ducklings, make sure they have access to plenty of fresh water while they are eating. Water aids in swallowing and is important to prevent choking. Always make sure the water is easily accessible, even for the ducks to climb in. Create an easy pathway out of the water and replace the water daily to keep it fresh and clean. Ducklings can be prone to drowning, so make sure the water is shallow — no higher than the tops of their feet — to keep them safe.

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