How to Start Raising Chickens

While raising chickens is a commitment, you’ll get fresh eggs, birds that help you control insects in your yard, and more. We’ve put together this “from scratch” (see what we did there?) guide to help you raise happy chickens!

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What Do I Need to Raise Chickens?

Before you get started, you’ll need:

  • An understanding of local ordinances: Your town may have restrictions on the number of chickens you can raise in your yard. Find out what your town’s rules are before you begin preparing to raise chickens.
  • A space for your chickens: Before you decide to raise chickens, make sure you have the room for a coop or henhouse. You can find some dimensions and guidelines in our guide on how to build a chicken coop. You’ll also need to heat your chicken coop or hen house. You can learn how to do this in our guide on how to keep the coop warm in the winter. If you’re raising chickens from chicks, you’ll need a box and a lamp to keep them warm as they grow.
  • Fencing: You’ll want space for your chickens to spend time outside, sunning themselves and finding insects. Make sure you can fence in a chicken run or a portion of your yard so chickens can get in and out of their coop or henhouse.
  • Food: You’ll need to have feed prepared for your chickens before they arrive. Look for high-quality feed with plenty of nutrients. Layers, broilers, and chicks all need different feed, so make sure you pick up the right options. Nature’s Best Organic Feeds offers organic, non-medicated feed for chickens.
  • Water: Your chickens need a clean, reliable source of water.
  • Chickens: Once you know how to raise baby chicks and how to care for chickens, you can purchase some at a farm store, co-op, or other retailers. Make sure to consider what kinds of chicks or chickens you want to raise before you buy.

How Easy Is It to Raise Chickens?

Chickens are relatively easy to raise. You’ll need to provide fresh water and food every day, and chickens have different dietary needs. Depending on what chickens you want to raise, you may need to learn what food baby chicks can and cannot eatwhat chickens can and cannot eathow to feed chickens, or how much to feed a broiler chicken.

You’ll need to learn how much to feed chickens daily and how to store chicken feed so it doesn’t spoil.

In addition to food and water, you’ll need to clean the coop or henhouse, shovel manure each day, gather eggs once or twice a day, check on the chickens, keep your chickens safe from predators, and generally work to keep your birds happy and healthy. If you ever go on vacation, you’ll need to find someone to care for your chickens.

Quick Guide to Raising Chickens

It’s best to get three to six chickens to start. These produce enough eggs for a family, with each hen producing two eggs every three days or so. It’s important to have more than one since chickens are social.

Create a routine for all the chicken tasks you need to take care of, including feeding and checking the water, shoveling manure, and gathering eggs every day. It also includes allowing the birds to roam in their chicken run.

Beginner Resources to Raise Chickens

At Nature’s Best Organic Feeds, we’re passionate about providing the highest-quality animal feed. We’re also enthusiastic about helping households get started with raising chickens, which is why we’ve put together tons of resources to help you on your journey:

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With these resources, you’ll have a thriving flock in no time! And with Nature’s Best Organic Feeds, we have you covered for nutrition, too.

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